Otis Redding - Look at That Girl

Текст песни Otis Redding - Look at That Girl

I saw her dancing, dancing
In some old smokey place
I bet I was the only one there to watch her face

All night I never saw a smile there
'Cause she didn't even try
You know for just a little while there
I saw a tear in her eyes

[Come on
Come on baby I love to see you now
Ou wi
One more time baby watch me swinging, huh]

I sit and watch her on the floor
I said baby, baby, baby
Come on baby just dance some more

I wonder how it is to love her
I toss it to her in my head
The way she dance to the music
She got me going out of my head

[Come on

One more time you fine foxy thing you
Uh, yeah ]

One more time just watch she do
She do this

She walk the mellow-man a little bit
Then she skate a little bit
Then she boog a little bit
Then she twist a little bit
I gotta

One more time
I got to see her on the floor, now, now
Gotta, gotta
I gotta, gotta, gotta, gotta, gotta see her now, now
One more time
Sweet little thing, sweet little thing, sweet little thing
You sweet little
Come on, watch that, yeah, yeah, yeah...

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