Out Of The Ordinary - D-tag

Текст песни Out Of The Ordinary - D-tag

This is where it ends
I’m sick of all your friends
Telling me I’m wrong
When I knew it all along
Telling me they’re right
They were fighting all our fights
This is where it ends
And where I begin

I’m not blind why couldn’t I see
You looked fine when you found me
But I have never been so wrong
Why couldn’t I see it; I took too long

Awaiting your call so I can hang up
I’m so amused have you had enough
This revenge for all the things you’ve done
I’m returning the favor revenge is fun

You ruined every second that we had
You’re the only one; you make me mad
I should have left when I had the chance

Broke it off with no strings attached

You stabbed me in the back and ran it thru
Twisted it hard this only you could do
You have no heart you just thrive on pain
The pain you inflict upon me leaves no stain

You can understand me, you’re just blind
Your not even worthy of my time
You hurt me bad, but now I’m fine
Wait, I wasn’t hurt it was all in my mind

They say repetition sinks it in
So I will repeat my self again
This is where it ends
And no we can’t be friends
Yea that repetition does the trick
Now the idea is startin to stick
You will never be in my life again
I love the fact that we will never be friends

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