Out To Win - Trust No One

Текст песни Out To Win - Trust No One

from the day I was born-I never asked for nothing
belief of a bond was just a lie

all these years of memories-a waste of time
you'll never understand just what've you've done-done to me

I will always remember deceitful lies-and all the false love
ashamed of what I thought was real to me
cast out-wasting my life on a promise-
only to pay the price
I've become this way because of you-
life has changed forever 'cause of you

trust no one-trust no one-trust no one

everyday I wait-wait for the chance for revenge
I'll trace-the demons back to your past-
trust no one
you'll reap what you sew-unrelenting unforgiving
you'll reap what you sew- I'll rip your heart out

shattering all the dreams-what could have been
faced now-with the choice to make you an enemy

you will remember me-I'll rip your heart out

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