Outkast - Movin' Cool (The After Party)

Текст песни Outkast - Movin' Cool (The After Party)

[Andre & Joi]
Movin' cool, Movin' cool, Movin' cool.
I can make a cold blind man see a better way,
But when I'm around you, you don't have much to say.
La, la, la, la, la, la, whoo, whoo.

Verse 1
[Andre 3000]
You see there will always be someone, taller, darker,
maybe wit a little more cheese than I got.
But really shawty you don't need nobody else.

You see baby I am the opening act,
the headliner (headliner) and the after party.
After party, after party, after party, after party.

Verse 2
I am all that you ever need,
I trip on how everybody sees what I am but you.
I thought you'd be brave enough to taste my bitch's brew.
Well I thought I was dealing with a man, but you're a boy.
You're a boy, you're a boy,

I can give you everything you want, but I can't be your toy.


Verse 3
[Big Boi]
Hey shawty, look here for a minute, shawt, shawt.
Oh, my bad, my bad excuse me.
You corporate America, you corporate America.
I meant to say lil' lady, you look so lovely lying in wait.
Like a lemon licorice, lollypop.
Waiting to be licked, we don't play,
but you think you the shit.
Was that too harsh for your lobes?
Too heavy for your mentality I suppose.
Got nerves like kryptonite,
Superman couldn't bend those.
Kindness kills callous,
like a D-Boi movin' fifty p's of that work.
From A-Town to Dallas - Movin' Cool.


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