Outlandish - Rock All Day

Текст песни Outlandish - Rock All Day

People of the world!
Ya ah ah eyy,
This goes Outlandmoros my babies,
This ain't average,
Born to raise Outlandish that we came down from 'nother planet,
God dammit these boys are standing like Ibrahim for that,
Long overdue our time to shine will come,
And we shop for real?
Rock all day, cause it makes us feel good,
Like soul food we so hood,
Join us if you could, what could you lose?
The beats so sick and carried out by this hook,

Now big boy open his mouth and say,
I ain't got nobody in all this world,
All I got is me, myself and I,
Well watch me put my troubles and my lovers and my numbers on the line,

Rock all day, makes me feel good [x8]

(I only patially speak spanish, most of this is guessed)
Hey Hey Hey,
Tu sabes que el gente,
Con qribe sabor a caribe,

Siempre de dalen,
Que nunca reciben,
Siempre en la pando,
A familio la pesa,
Musica vivas se levanta en la mano,
En te me dia,
En te mi comida,
En te mi momento,
Mi siempre juramento,
[? ] mi intento
Y tu

Now big boy open his mouth again,
The truth of the matter is he's got the blues,
See if he had a head and used his mind,
Well, he could have you, he could have you,
He could have you with him all the time!

Rock all day, makes me feel good [x8]

Where do we go from here my baby,
Underground or crossover maybe,
Left right left,
My way or the highway,
Better yet let's not worry about it.

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