Outlawz - Black Rain (feat. Val Young)

Текст песни Outlawz - Black Rain (feat. Val Young)

[EDI Mean: talking]
Black Rain, there's no chance to escape it
You know it seem like sometimes, there's nothin but bad luck?
It just won't go right, that's the black rain, you know? Uh-huh

[Chorus: Napolean (normal) / Val Young repeated during chorus (indented)]

Black Rain, don't come down
Don't you come fallin
Black Rain, don't come down
Now don't you come fallin

Black Rain, Black Rain, don't come
You've been wettin us up from day one
We ain't never see a high point, how come
Black Rain, Black Rain comes under the sun

Oh Black Rain, Black Rain, don't come
You've been wettin us up from day one
We ain't never see a high point, how come
Black Rain, Black Rain comes under the sun

[EDI Mean - Verse 1]
We live those big money dreams
A six scene and so peelin
Lust to touch everything
Still but no feelins
We move on through these stars
And when it's on it's on we movin strong
You know the rules, roll with fools
Who use two's no trainin
Hit your block, non-stop, no aimin
Black-Rainin, and man the forecast is bleek (yeah)
Stay inside, they said it's goin for weeks
It's war in the streets
Gangbangin and wearin east (say what)
Now the city that never sleeps will never see peace
I've had enough of still killin each other over nothin
Now there's more of us willin to die over colors
Man it's insane, black rain (insane)
Feedin our seeds, makin em strong with pain, the game
And yo we won't change (won't change)
Too blind to recognize, it's a damn shame (too blind to recognize)
Cause it's right in our eyes, Black Rain!


[Verse 2: Napolean]
I seen it all
When the black rain falls
Why will you fall
Black bodies fall

Black rain, you got time to explain
While I'm still strugglin, damn near insane
Damn hittin pain from years ago
Only you know, how the story goes
You took what I got left all in me
First you came, now the Lord's callin me
All in me, is what my Outlawz trained me
And all in me, is what my brothers gave me
And all you see is just another young thug
But please let my baby-boy play in the mud
Rain or sun, please let him have some fun
Don't wet the sidewalk, Daddy walks it to from
And don't let the pain that I touch he feel
And don't let him trust no snakes, that's real


[Verse 3: Kastro]
It's cold outside in the middle of the summer
Days fly by, night falls like lumber
Cries inside of the minds of the younger
The hunger scream through the city like thunder
It's like a bunch of black clouds we under
>From day one to day none my heart get no more
It's dark, tomorrow might come alone
Since I can't see clear, I stumbled home
It ain't fair, the air out here, too thin
I grieve and don't believe in the hearts of men
It's triflin', the life we in needs change
Till then, we hustlin, it's black rain

[Verse 4: Young Noble]
Yo, ain't no way out the hood
Can't stay out the hood
Hustle hard so every day out is good
The day seem dark, but the nights is bright
Ain't nobody goin down, so we likes to fight
Cops that come around tryin to cuff me up
Lock a brother down tryin to rough me up
We got a snitch on the block and he tellin the sergeant
Watchin like hawks, but I'm sellin regardless
My baby due soon I ain't playin with y'all
It happened so fast, first day and then gone
A million new things on coke this year
A million whole families went broke this year
We tryin to live long, can you tell me how?
I'm hopin that my heat don't fail me now
Every time I thinkin it's death, they tryin to tear me down
But see my in the flesh, can you stare me down
I do it for my fans, cause I'm livin for em
We seein clouds but I pa

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