Outlawz - Gang Related soundtrack

Текст песни Outlawz - Gang Related soundtrack

Chorus: Daz *singing*
What's ya fantasy, what's ya fantasy
What's ya fantasy.. gettin freaky in the night
(repeat 2X)

Say girl.. what's ya fantasy
Do you wanna get with me?
Show me how it's 'sposed to be
Gettin freaky in the night, show me ecstasy
You wanna bust a nut, what about me
Baby what's ya fantasy?
Baby what's ya fantasy?

[Daz] *rapping*
You want your ass and your pussy chewed out
But baby that ain't what I'm about
Let me stick all this in your mouth
Now won't you get freaky, and won't you turn it out
and have visions of the dick and balls getting swallowed (like that)
Let you swim in, the sperm and no ?
Throw that pussy into a bottle
and let it float to shore, gimme gimme some more

Creamy sweetness while I'm dreamin, got me stuck
between a night of romance and freaky fuckin to harmonic screamin
Picture perfect on the ceiling, that's only right
Caught you lookin at that action, behind the smile
Settle down, oh you wild child
Hit it, insane spot, like ? glocks
Hit it, stop, hit it hit it, stop, hit it, ahh
That's when you switch to automatic like you really want it
Cause I been waitin to participate and engage in
multiple comin phases, takin you to Storm-y stages
So what you say nigga, come and play with me
Have you fallin, on your knees, like I'm your savior
Now praise power to the pussies that be runnin the game
And if you can't swing that shit, then you grounded main
You need to understand, I need a Thug in my gameplan
A freaky ass nigga with a big thang

Chorus 1/2
[Daz] Tell em Noble!

[Young Noble]
Hey freaky bitch I love my nuts licked all night
Uh-huh, you know that ain't right
You want a young nigga like, me, to add on to the ?BLE?
Knock the tent from 11 to 3

We puff a L afterwards, afterwards no words
spoken strokin til the pussy stayed open
Tiffany, claim she missin me, on a late night
Talkin to her friends, sayin dig it that pussy ain't right
Freaks they love to ride it like a mini-bike
on any given night, makin sure she lick it right
Up and down, side to side, all around
in and out, keep some extra bitches in the house
My Thug Passion keeps the Thug Luv everlastin
Double plastic for them double fat asses
What's ya fantasy?

[Daz] What's ya fantasy? What's ya fantasy? What's ya..


[Daz] Said ooh, you got the bomb
[Storm] I got the bomb
[Daz] Bitch you got some bomb ass pussy

Ooh, you got the bomb
She got some bomb ass pussy
Bitch you got some bomb ass pussy

She said if you want this pussy you can have this pussy
If you really want this pussy you can have it -- say it again
If you want this pussy you can have this pussy
If you really want this pussy you can have it

It was a Coupe thing, Coupe thing
Got her thang tonight, it was a Coupe thing
I was in the mood to hurt somethin thick
Thick legs, thick thighs, and real thick hip
It was 2:13 I was in the mix
Singing 'Baby girl, you in the mood for this'
She said 'Hell yea, I'm in the mood for this'
So I whipped it out and let her have this dick, beyotch!

Follow me, and you'll watch me grow
Even though we all know I don't love them hoes
Know you're horny, we can gets to fuckin
all a young nigga want is ?

[Young Noble]
To me to be Young in the A-G-E where I gotta

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