Outlawz - Karma (feat. Snoop Dogg)

Текст песни Outlawz - Karma (feat. Snoop Dogg)

Yeah, Five Thirteen, it's a movie, muthafucka
Yeah, Outlawz, Snoop Dogg, real gangsta shit
Yeah, let's go

[Verse 1: Outlawz]
What do we have here and now? Outlaw Ridaz and the Dogg Father
We just came to collect from you style bitters
Law homies similar to them Al Qaeda's
Yung bull's off the leash, and he will bite ya
Project roof with the beam, yeah they will snipe ya
Time to pay the piper, this for them three strikers
We got soldiers from Pelican Bay to Rickers
Yung Thug show they dug up, wanna be just like us
Long Beach to Jersey, ain't no limits, I'm like Percy
No love for these hoes, we ain't thirsty
My Makaveli and Kadafi live on
Real soldiers never fall, we keep pushin' along
And the polly ain't involved unless it's paper involved
It's official as it gets, Snoop Dogg and 'em Outlawz
Born on the West, raised on the East
Best of both coastes, ways of the streets

[Hook x2]
Man up or man down, stand up or stand down
You know the rules, what goes around, comes around
What goes up, yes, comin' down
And if that bitch can't swim,then she bound to drown

[Verse 2: Outlawz]
Out of 25 niggas, 20 will try to kill ya
Then outta them five, 2 don't really feel ya
Then outta them three, one gon' get familiar
Then outta them two, they gon' set you up to kill yo ass
What's done in the dark will come to the light
You used to pull up, mobbin' 'em boys
The tables done turn cause you run in the night
Death to my enemies, throw 'em reposers
One in yo face instead of a closure
Bang, bang (comma comma), now nobody knows ya
Bang, these niggas ain't nuttin' like us
They ain't gon' bust a grape in a fruit fight
Why thy niggas actin' so tough?
I done played around, got funded on
Hit the ground but now I'm back off
But there comes a time in the middle of a rhyme
When I have to stop and you fucked, nigga
Fuck nigga, nigga, that's cum on yo muthafuckin' head, nigga
I'm finna paint you red, you dead, nigga
Actions speak louder than words, and ain't nobody talkin'
I come through with karma in the lock and get through with (cop papapapapa)
Barkin' on these niggas

[Verse 3: Snoop Dogg]
Workin' on these niggas
Talkin' on, stompin' on, C walkin' on these niggas
Lurkin' on these niggas
Breakin' bread, takin' mess
To sustain my mindframe
Dope pound, that's my game
They like my time change, taste like that Bombay
Spread like that nine, bang
Always do my thang
Niggas know 10 to 4, stay high, way high
But I can make you drink about it
I can make you think about it
DPGS, Outlaw immortals
Smash that, flashbacks
Get yo tape recorders
Push play, good day
Get more money
Pussey, roll it up, it betta be that good shit
C-comin' through, thirty D, no creep
All guns, all hot
King James, all heat
So ride down to the bow wow
The shit gets no rilla
Long done, king kong
Bitch, I'm Godzilla

[Hook x2]

[Verse 4: Outlawz]
What go around, come around, we backin' up the bubble
O-Fowl and D.O. Double, you know it's known for trouble
You know we gon' hustle, from here to abroad
If you mad at the grind, then you prolly ?
Get the way that I shine is a sight to behold
A1 from the jump, never snitch, never told
Stay up on my toes, peepin' game is a must
Livin' my life on the move, it's only a few I can trust
So weird, it's like I'm not even here
Until they see me in the flesh
And they know that it's real
So clear, no cries, like a VVS
No challenge, no cally, but we still the best
Let 'em have it like a spree, no brown, no green
It's a small thing to an outlaw, Don King
We still gettin' it and keep it movin' like 18 Wheelers
Stay away from squealers and bullshitters
It's the niggas

[Hook x2]

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