Outlawz - Tupac Back (G-Mix)

Текст песни Outlawz - Tupac Back (G-Mix)

[Intro: 2Pac]
You know what I mean? I don't wanna burn and I want to be for ever
That's what Outlaw Immortal is
I wanna be here for ever, when I'm gone, I want my name to be here
So to do that, I got to do more than that the average of a man would do
I gotta set a mark that nobody can touch
When I set that mark I'm gonna make it. I'm gonna make it happen

[Bridge 1: 2Pac]
Outlaw motherfuckers till we die [4x]

[Hook 1: Rick Ross]
2Pac back, 2PacBack
There's all these bitches screaming that 2Pac back
All eyes on me, better Picture Me Rollin'
Riding brand new rims, but them bitches is stolen
Stranded on Death Row, Brenda having my baby
But I'm stacking my paper, I need a brand new Mercedes
They screaming 2Pac back, 2Pac back
There's all these btiches screaming that 2Pac back

[Verse 1: Young Noble]
So many battlefield scars
While driven in plush cars
This life of an outlaw
Got me missing my doggs
Screaming (Rick Ross: 2Pac back)
Yeah this that outlaw crack
Real niggas respected. hommie where ever you at
Yeah, We been put in them Broklyn's
Makaveli we're breathing
Bald heads, Ta-Toos, and some brand new rims
Without no serial numbers
It's been like 15 summers
Since The Big Hommie died, but we still doing numbers
We trading war stories, Outlawz on the rise
Jelous niggas I despise
Look at my eyes
I told E.D and Hussein we gotta G-Mix this
Went at the 96, and ressurect Pac in this bitch
Fuck the peace, Makaveli The Don, and Biggie Smalls
Killer Kadaf, we're still on our job
Riding, blessed and buster free
Enemies give me reason to be The Last Motherfuckin' Breathin'

[Hook: Rick Ross]

[Verse 2: E.D.I. Mean]
They yelling 2Pac back
But nah he ain't back
The Hommie never left
And that's a well known fact
Over 100 million sold
We're renown across the globe
Rap's Bob Marley
He'd legendary like Presley
Streets can't let him go
We'll I'm in that all black chevy with the windows closed
Blowing hella dough
Bumping Makaveli, Will they blast for me
I bought a couple of bottles pour 'em all out for the hommies (Background vocal: R.I.P)
Know the Kane for the pain, Tryna stop all these bleedin'
They say life is a jerk, so don't stop belivin'
On the wings of love, way above the clouds
That's the only way to fly
We blowing zone-z out loud
We yellin'

[Hook: Rick Ross]

[Verse 3: Hussein Fatal]
I let these niggas worry if 2Pac back
I got a block 20's in the bag who got smacked
You see Hussein standing here, it's the new Iraq
Shit man, The Midget dropped the album who caught that
I'm FatalVeli The Don, got these miss.'s in love
She confused with them snitching niggas but this is a dough, oh
Most niggas don't know what a grind is
Sally Pack on the wall of fake watch and armed beats niggas don't even know what time it is
I'm as real as they come, from the Slums from the Streets
When I'm 5 feets, the only way you bombs gonna hit
Scully over my head, to hoes right where they eyes that
We call it the money train and hommie we ride that
Or hand on my fitted overlocked in a study
See I don't goin', I don't know a bell pop with I'm ready for
And my enemies bitch, shoot a 2 cup straps
Within the camera after court
They holler, 2Pac back

[Outro=Fading Hook, 2Pac & Rick Ross]

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