Outline - Passing Her Life By

Текст песни Outline - Passing Her Life By

You want it all!
A nightmare eats her sleep away
and keeps her up all night.
Her life awaits her in the clouds,
she reaches up to fly away,
but you pull her right back down.

Just burn those dreams away
Every word you say just pounds into her brain!

Cast away into the clouds.
Is this the life she asked for?
As you take her down from happiness,
and hold, hold with hollow meaning,
falsely in your arms.
you've got a bone to pick tonight.

So burn those dreams away
and every word you say just pounds into her brain!

Break her down!

A blood stained memory
can be washed away but let her sleep today
she'll wake up in a better place,
where you are just a nameless face,
and all you can do now...

Is just burn her dreams away
with every word you say you should be passing her life by...

But you can't take the moon and stars from her tonight
(I doubt your empty pockets keep her heart warm)
Can you keep her heart warm, when you want it all?!

A mascara tear and bloody lip stains her face tonight
(you are just a nameless face)
in spite of all the damage that you've done.

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