Over It - Things You Never Knew Existed

Текст песни Over It - Things You Never Knew Existed

Automatic could never touch her,
She beats so clear, I’d give myself to the beat
Just to be hear the sound.
She taught me to seek truth in the path her
Gentle footsteps trace.
And I must confess I love the shape
that my mind takes whenever she is on it. …wherever she may be.

Everyone needs their proof
Some kind of rule to latch onto
We all want to peek outside the box
But were all caught up inside staring…just trapped inside
We need to see, all of us just little thoughts, racing out of control,
Serving the speed of light and we like the truth we want nothing but truth.

Go ahead, try and find yourself a part of every perfect thing…
In the footsteps of harmony
Everyone wants the answer they’re sure unlocks every question.
I want to give it away.

Sometimes I get so blue to see
My friends, with life so close at hand.
I get so scared, with eyes wide shut,
All fail to find hope near to them.
If whats concealed tends to reveal itself in time,
Just accept that it makes no sense to abide a secret smile.
Ive got to give it away when she sends me falling
So sing it again…I love the shape it takes when she is on it…

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