Overcome - Deviant Inveracity

Текст песни Overcome - Deviant Inveracity

Gave into your lust and raped her body of trust
Just a number in your eyes
A victim in your game, no time to learn her name.
Innocence lost and destroyed.
Never can you give back, her body not in tact
Its more than just her sex you stole
The eyes no longer glow, perversion stole your soul, addiction strike, your life cold.
The cancer of perversion makes me sick.

It has enslaved you and made your head thick.
Say your against addiction and physical harm.
Yet you emotionally kill life, and this is justified?
We must fight to free our lives of this lie
That this addiction can be left to thrive.
Sex is not for our abuse, but we must choose to have the strength to control our lives.

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Overcome - Deviant Inveracity?

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