Overcome - Reconstruction

Текст песни Overcome - Reconstruction

Supreme being for your tastes.
Sufficient void fill idolatry.
Search gods, to meet your interests.
Boil down to finding the easiest lifestyle.
Where there is no sacrifice.
Still meet your needs, without pay of price.
Selfish, you avoid the truth, even though your spirit
screams the ultimate proof.
You can only fight so long, that feeling inside,
before you come to make your final choice.
Don't let your thoughts be held captive
to a gratifying life. Start the reconstruction of your life

I feel, I feel, the spirit move inside.
At the name of Christ, all run and hide.
Power, real power will now be revealed.
At the foot of the cross we all kneel.
Fight this, call us all hypocrites.
A low self esteem shown through your words.
You follow lies which lead to your demise.
Helpless and on your knees you cry out.
To now accept the truth, let the trigger, untie the noose.
Purify your life.
Purify, strengthen.

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