Overdue - Leave Me Alone

Текст песни Overdue - Leave Me Alone

this alcohol, is it helping your cause?
it serves you no purpose

can't you see the way its hurting you

it isn't helping

now you're just looking foolish

get up, off the ground, this is as low as you get

your redish tones only give you away

the truth isn't so great afterall, is it?

but let me watch my words

who knows what you'll do in your weakened state

let me censor these things i want to say the most

never again

never again will i let this happen to me

you are the last of a kind

this selfishness has overstayed its welcome

you have overstayed your welcome

its time to move on, time to get past this

youve had enough time, stop clinging to this thread

i wont let you manipulate me anymore

i can see through your words and your actions

things werent supposed to be this way

and for that im sorry

but if i asked you for a favor, would you comply?

if i asked for you to leave me alone forever

would you comply?

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