Owls - 052010(Freestyle)

Текст песни Owls - 052010(Freestyle)

[Verse 1: Owls]

Really what’s between me and the instrumental?
Nothing but shit that I am crushing
Competition nothing this shit that I be puffin
These jolly green giants that I love to be cutting
These niggas down, it is fucking nothing
I cut thier mothafuckin legs
I burn that shit then jump up on the shoulders
Cut their head cause I be getting high
High as shit ya dig and I’m just saying hi

How the fuck you feel do what I did pop a pill
And chill man I swear it like I got a thousand gills
So I'm swimming over mountains like flying over hills
And all that I want is a fucking billion bills
That way one day I can have a fuckin building built
And some say I’m too calm but i just think that I’m too real
And I really dont give a fuck how any bitch nigga feels
I plan to take over the world if I get another bill
With my middle fingers up until the day my face is wrinkled
I want big faces you would think I’m talking pringles

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Owls - 052010(Freestyle)?

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