Owls - Cuckoo

Текст песни Owls - Cuckoo

[Verse 1: Owls]
Fuck what you say I’ll never live to be a punk ok
Opinions are like ass holes everyone has one ain't it great
Get this reason why I’m heartless you shit head breath-in fart breath
And you will learn your lesson trying stress me while your smart-less
Retarded on a mission loving to start shit while my buttons missing
Shall I mention my intention to leave the tension rising
When my angers fizzing like I’m about to blow a piston
You faggots got my intention food for thought while I’m pissin

If I’m a dick head but I prefer to keep on shittin on you kittens wearing mittens
Trying to catch the bird in the clock it won't stop it keeps on tickin
It’s cuckoo holding a bomb to blow up you too while its flippin
Twitch the circuit ain't trippin so when you hit the switch and
The birdie pulls out thirty swords that keep on switching
Size like Rurouni Kenshin shape shifting
Doing moves of the matrix and glitching
Into big bird thirty big swords so keep ya distance

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