Owls - Frogger

Текст песни Owls - Frogger

[Hook: Owls]
So you wanna play frogger huh?
You wanna play frogger huh?
You wanna play frogger huh?
Oh-oh Okay!

[Verse 1: Owls]
I'mma do what I gotta
Don’t get in my way I’m shatter
Any dream that you have against going against me
Don’t you know that I am a shotta
That'll eat ya brain don’t end up on my platter
I cry when I laugh as dance comin at cha
Coming with every word from A to Z for the CAPTCHA
This ain't a race if it I been lapped ya
I’m somethin like a pimp in the game I will smack ya
Run and get help I will blow away your back-up
If I have enemies then all of them are actors
Don't get cut from the scene trying to match up
You will lose ya guts I don’t need ketchup
I’ll take ya but so far behind ya can’t catch up

Think that I’m kidding chitlins ya bones I will stack them
As pins and bowl your skull to attack them
When I roll ya skin it reminds me off a napkin
I’m the general boy no subliminal actions
I'mma say what I don’t what happened
I sleepwalk daily by the way I’m not nappin
Call me a Poet, by the way I’m not rappin
My only pets are dogs and dragons
Don’t be the frog getting hit by my waggin
My friends love me cause I keep naggin
I don’t eat beef you are just a sauce packet
Don’t open your mouth when I spit you will catch it
I shot flies man you are just a maggot
I fly like a bird in a way you can’t imagin

[Hook: Owls]
So you wanna play frogger huh?
You wanna play frogger huh?
You wanna play frogger huh?
Oh-oh Okay!

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