Owls - Ima Do Me

Текст песни Owls - Ima Do Me

[Hook: Owls]
I'mma do me till the day I die
They hatin on me and I don’t know why

[Verse 1: Owls]
But here’s a thought that’ll shock
I’m gonna rock until I reach the top
Where is the top I don’t know so I can’t stop
The enemies hating on me and I wish that they would stop
I don’t know why they dwelling on me but if somebody get shot
It will not be my fault stop acting like a kid trying to plot
When they bring up my name let them know they a ho and I am not
Hating on me only brings bad karma to ya self
I'mma do me if you the same then get the wealth

But if you asking for a beating then that’s your ass I got the belt
I spit that hot do not touch me or you will melt
I protect so many people you do not want welts
God’ll off you off this world if you harm what I build
It’ll be for the peace you will get beat to hell
When that happens I won’t know because I will not be there
I will be somewhere else chilling with my people over here
On another mission making hits to send them everywhere

[Hook: Owls]
I'mma do me till the day I die
They hatin on me and I don’t know why

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