Owls - SmokeAndMirrors

Текст песни Owls - SmokeAndMirrors

[Verse 1: Owls]
Call me Liu Kang bicycle kicking with no chain
I hang around dragons who be spittin fire flames
That’ll melt ya flesh from ya bone, bone from ya to brain
This is that lyrical slaughter the murder of Mary Jane
Get on my level I like to double all that I attain
I’m about to bubble up double dutch and take over the game
Fresh breathe premiumpress steppin on the scene
Hot flow like lava bet you all see the steam
I want that green like guava ganja and spring
Man fuck whatcha’ think if you ain't down for the team
We goin straight to the top do not get caught in between
Owls’ll shake ya break ya and make have a bad dream

I’m in my submarine sinking boats going up stream
No puppeteer this musketeer swings without string
Pop ya collar holla nigga i will not change
For the dollar I’ll rob a nigga one man gang
Then I grew up blew up just to earn what I gain
Insane in the brain if you know what I’m sayin
I'ma rock the whole world untill you all learn my name
I'ma walk on water like my name was David Blaine
In My Airplane I’ma fly over to Beijing
Amazing miss Canada can you imagine what I’m seeing
Through your crystal ball human being mirror on the wall
Just remember I’m the one you didn't call

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