Owls - Untitled

Текст песни Owls - Untitled

[Verse 1: Owls]
I be on that real shit fuck how you feel bitch
My skills spills sick hits get the picture twitpics
Radius high on tick tick that medicated vics fix
Like kids I suck on chicks tits nip nip sip sip
Slip dick in clit hips hit kiss her on the neck lip lipstick
Body wet grab her by the shoulder got to grip it
Flip it right number don't lie get it I’m living high fly
No wonder why my life is vivid I mix facts food for thought no fats or lipids
I’m so prolific terrific you gotta listen or lip it
I’m on a mission for my vision I’ll be back in a minute
I got money on my mind for everything I’ve invented
There is more on my mind than sinning in women naked
Acidic rhyme flows drown foes swimming against it
Whether I'm spiritually spittin or I’ve mentally written
I’m winning form beginning to what limit there is no ending
I’m going straight to the top while other stop and keep bending
Pretending they are not nibblin off of the style that i’m lending
They be talking shit about me saying i’m demented
So if I’m here to mend it then who the fuck am I offending
Pay attention I’m ahead of my class and ain't attending
Not to mention the devil falling shot like 66
Yeah I got bars others pause like twix sticks

[Verse 1: Owls]
Her question is if beauty’s in the eye of the perceptionist

Then what reside in the mind of a perfectionist
Connecting us effectioning emotions to be affectionate
What do you expect when irrational is passionate
Imagine it for some love is something like the labyrinth
Doesn't matter if you decide to hide or go after it
In time it’ll find you on some complete random shit
Old manuscripts kept for ages such advantages
Will make one think of the other to be that of an analyst
Broken hearts stitched and put back together patched with bandages
Memories meant to be gathered quick to be abandoned
Some get lost in the mist forgotten thoughts rotten mad sad and pissed
Such a disaster this is when it comes to bliss we are all amateurs trynna master it
Without the knowledge to manage damages and its just everything you want
But can you handle it when time is of the essence like wax when the candles lit
Will you make your move or choose to be inanimate
Like all that capture thoughts to reminisce absence
For when were not present they are gifts that inhabit happiness
Which happens to be everything truly appreciated and rich
You gotta be patient when it come to relationships
Shamelessness and universal languages
An ancient wish pleaser and painlessness
Ain't the strangest things done when you become anxious
They tried to manipulate the situation and aimed to miss
So I rearranged the game to remain painting this

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