Owsley - Uncle John's Farm

Текст песни Owsley - Uncle John's Farm

When nothing I feel like
Is going my way
And me and my good thing
Got no place to stay
I pack up the Chevy
And we roll out of town
To a little piece of country heaven
Where we turn it up to eleven

Uncle John's farm is a place we can go
Where no one will stand in our way
And you'll love Aunt Colene
And her peaches and cream
It'll give us a shot in the arm
Down at our Uncle John's farm

Rock on the porch swing
By the light of the moon
And drink lemonade
On a hot afternoon

Roll on the river
Or have a roll in the hay
I'm so glad my momma has a brother
Thank you Lord, may I have another?

Uncle John's farm is a place we can go
Where no one will stand in our way
And the grass is so green in a city boy's dream
We can sleep all alone in the barn together
Down at my Uncle John's farm

Forgot to tell you about the geese and chickens
I know you thought that they were finger licken'
But out here they move
Uncle John is gonna sing a song
And he wants us all to sing along
'Cause he knows you can groove
I'm so glad we had this time together
Don't ya wish that it would last forever

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