Oxymoron - R.I.P.

Текст песни Oxymoron - R.I.P.

DonзЈ? wanna be a soldier - Rest in peace
DonзЈ? wanna fight no war in no border countries
I ainзЈ? gonna feed no vultures - Rest in peace
I ainзЈ? gonna slay the poor in the dollar signзЈ— name

TheyзЈ–e ready to strike with their highly trained force
if oil is at stake or another ressource
Securing their wealth with innocent life
so whatзЈ— a few killings if the dollar is safe

Bloodstained money
who bothers about this inhumanity
Bloodstained money
who profits but the arms race-industry
... they canзЈ? cheat me

The battle is won but itзЈ— had a high price
so rest in peace now in a desert of graves
a cross without name but your badge with a code

TheyзЈ–e ready to strike or incite a new war
to show off their arms on a far-away shore
Economy boosts, and thatзЈ— all that counts
for all the greedy bosses who direct the Whitehouse
YouзЈ–e proud of a game they play on your back
But where is your bragging when youзЈ–e under attack
a cross on a grave is the final reward
left, right, left right - off to the Lord!

You died just for money...
money for some industry

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