Ozma - Los Angeles

Текст песни Ozma - Los Angeles

each friday night
i've gotta moan
cause it's not right
to be alone
and i'm alone

and so i sleep
wake up at dawn
and leave before
the moon is gone
i know it's wrong

i've got to find some way out of here
jump on a plane and i disappear
maybe east of ohio
maybe that's where i ought to go

cause living here i've got so down
i guess that's why i've got to leave town
to find some place i haven't found
cause i know that you'll be there waiting

back, back, honey
take me back, baby
i want to stay in l.a.
back, back, baby
take me back, sugar
i want to stay

when i get home
the house is dark
the only sound
is joey's bark

been looking for another place a while
seen every town up in northern cal.
searching further every country mile
i saw new york and i like it's style

but still i've gotta say i love l.a.
i guess that's why i feel i've gotta stay
the hot streets and the summer nights
so lonely

[ back, back chorus ]

i know it's sad but i love l.a.
it's even sadder that i'm here to stay
i might vacation on an isle away
but this is where i'll spend my dying day
so now it's time for me get me a wife
and live in town with her for all of my life
i'll understand when my hair turns grey
why i
i live
in l.a.

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