Ozma - Red Roses

Текст песни Ozma - Red Roses

why does it have
to hurt so much
to live without
your gentle touch
why did i think
that i'd be okay
when you got up
and walked away

i can't get your face out of my mind
i'm thinking of you
all the time
then at night you're in my sleep
come morning - alone
again i weep

when i awake
i see you crying
without you here
i feel i'm drying
i tell myself
i'm just a fool
my heart is the master

i am the tool

drunk with love baby what can i do
id treat you well
im right for you
it's too late now you're gone forever
now we'll never be together

i look at your cards
your eyes met mine
i thought i'd forget you
and be just fine

but the thought of you isn't misleading
and my heart just goes on bleeding
why does love never work in my favor
maybe it would have had i been braver
maybe if i just approached and said hello
but i guess now i'll never know

now i'm stuck here cuttin all of my losses
while my mind sends you red roses

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