Ozomatli - Chota (loosely translated)

Текст песни Ozomatli - Chota (loosely translated)

Care, has come to the plate, the (?????)
Care, has come (?????) the face.

The rights of a human being were violated by another human being. Some police officers took advantage of authority that people they gave them. They are trained to take a man without violating his rights. They abused their authority. (?????) a man without mercy. We, people who gave them authority, in the same manner, can take it away.


That was what I saw, is what I say to them.
It happened like that.

He caught a nightstick lick to the brain piece
It’s a new day but it’s the same beast hopin that the pain cease
He hopin that your brains leak on the concrete from his heat or from his feet
Is he s’pose to maintain peace or is it beef

Like a t-bone steak they like to see bones break
The way they cuff you, the way they hobble through laws,with his foot in your back screamin probable cause
Not only do flaws occur when you serve and protect, you swerve and project
That don’t deserve to connect
To bystanders and perpetrators of a lesser crime
Evil that you shine will never stand the test of time
Let’s define brutality in its entirety force unnecessarily
Some think it’s a fantasy I think it’s a tragedy how we let the people who we call protectors inflict and oppress us.


(Thanks to shut for the original version of the lyrics. Anyone with a better translation, feel free to post it.)

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