Ozomatli - Super Bowl Sundae

Текст песни Ozomatli - Super Bowl Sundae

We be the untraditional metaphorically medicinal
2nafishypoo decibal peaks be my ritual
one condition though, I’m layin law like the municipal
lyrics habitual, wit puffin buddha,
get your crew and Imma do the opposite of peace
and go to war so go prepare your boys for floor show
eatin every morsel, I’m your corporal, rather resourceful
rippin rappers from their dome piece to their torso
no remorse for imitators, my crew be innovators
paying homage as well as returnin favors
learnin flavors from the path pavers
but now Ozomatli be makin new hits from past data

Super Bowl Sundae
This is Super Bowl Sundae(repeat)

I’m Chali 2nafish, ain’t no twist in my posture

lickin shots cuz a brotha gots to get my propers,
shrimp and lobsters on my dock like a mobster
givin shouts in states to sustain my stature
altered chemically, ain’t no gimmick behind
the way that I’m designin my rhyme
line for line you’ll find in your neighborhood
there’s a flavor flood, whether you’re a ghetto star
or if your name is mud
we speak the truth rather courageously
and I act rather contagiously
when the stage is free, the rage in me is contained
now the got me, Chali 2nafish and Ozomatli

Super Bowl Sundae
This is Super Bowl Sundae

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