Ozomatli - Vocal Artillery

Текст песни Ozomatli - Vocal Artillery

[Verse Espinoza]
You punkasses, you's a harlot
Scarlet, like Hester Prynne
My new motto is test the chin
With the head that's hollow and kinda shallow
It gets real deep like
Melanin and skin to bone marrow
See brothers want to get real
And niggas want to fell caps peel from the hot steel
What the deal? Is this for real?
They say it couldn't be done
How I can bust one in the sky and jump up and kiss the sun?

[Verse Medusa]
Son, My son name is AKG, My daughter MP
So hip-hop can continually live through my seed
See now I'm serious
Y'all must be delirious about being hype
Soon as you grab this Mic my felines
Gon' have cat claws to your neck
Talkin 'bout, boy, you better be tight tonight
See Medusa's who you better be
Didn't you know the word tight was invented because of me?

Activate the left Side
Light the dynamite up on the right side
Ozomatli's like what?
Droppin' motherfuckers to their knees like what?

Activate the left Side
Light the dynamite up on the right side
Ozomatli's like what?
Dropping motherfuckers to their knees like what?

Vocal Artillery
Vocal Artillery

[Verse Will.I.Am]
MCs be chasin' benjamins
Only afford them dividends

Flavor but here goes a dash of cinnamon
Tryin to act masculine, deep down they feminine
10% of him and 90% of shim
Bomb me like vegan and eat ya like Entenmanns, taste good
There's no need to get sentimental
The name is Will.i.am, the misdated
Black Eyed Peas, Medusa
Rocking over the Ozo rhythms

[Verse Kanetic Source]
I'll scope you out mid-range, I take full aim
Target MCs like big game
Hands like real tight, rippin' the Mic
Let uncle Kanetic say a rhyme and tuck you in for the night

[Verse Medusa]
I came to enhance tracks, uplift macs
Leave lines cause when I walk then
I'll walk on a path
A feline who spits rhymes
Causing catastrophes
End up catatonic you half-assed MCs


[Voices speaking]
I Just want to say
How is it going Los Angeles?
Ozomatli from Los Angeles, yeah
I Just want to say?
It's like the status quo is still definitley there
And it's old school and it's...they're not
I mean Los Angeles is a big city
And, and those politicians are not into going into those communities
And doing real work
You know, and the school system is kind of a wreck
And check out our subway
You know, it was a rip off to the taxpayers
And with all the programs came out of the federal literacy programs
Allot of them never would have made it to ...

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