Ozzy Osbourne - Jump The Moon

Текст песни Ozzy Osbourne - Jump The Moon

[Verse 1]
A Monday morning earthquake
Another week to back break
Keep him alive all the day
High and dry I wonder will he survive
I broke a mirror and it started us out
It was an all night shelter of love
He swallowed down another fantasy pill
To give himself a push and a shove

Tonight's the night he's going to jump the moon
I hope it'll never crush a man to soon
He's just an image of a lie tonight
He's just a press we follow
Live today like he'll be gone tomorrow

[Verse 2]
Another daylight foreigner

He's just a weekend warrior
Come Monday play like anyone
Not around and turned around
He only listens to the voice in his head
That separate the truths from the lies
A wounded creature that just won't fall down
You can tell by the look in his eyes


He's flying high with his silver spoon
He's here to try to jump the jump the
Yeah! jump the moon

[Chorus] [x2]

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