Ozzy Osbourne - Revival

Текст песни Ozzy Osbourne - Revival

So what's with your kind
You scavenge to find
What makes you
Sepreme in design
Accuse you cause they had the fun
So differently divine
When my mind goes override
Its so typical to capture anonyminty
I choose the crowd to divide

So you'll see I try
(Jon) cannot ever displace
You see i'm jaded at times
(Jon) from nowhere leaving this place
So you see me die
(Jon) right in front of your face
You see im jaded at times
(Jon) from nowhere leaving this place

They made us with a tool
Then they taught us how to live
We met the candyman

He filled us with his contraband
Then they scared us all away

While your visiting your bubble of reality
Salivating at the sound of the bells
I'll be seducing you through your confession
They've been the ones you've known forever
Someones been lied to
With all the rage caught us dismal
At times we've known forever
You've been denied of supervision
Just a test tube life away
How could you make believe that we've lived through circumsicion
When it's right here next to me
Friendships changed to time
They'd never let us leave
You took your time too late
Missing what you've never had
I'll be the only one who knows
Just how we've been abused

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