Ozzy Osbourne - Soul Sucker

Текст песни Ozzy Osbourne - Soul Sucker

Your cold words deafen
And silence long forgotten
The logic never reclaimed

The anger rises
Sometimes there`s no surrender
No white flag flies
You won`t like me when I`m angry

Stop talking to me
Just like I don`t even bleed
This cross is heavy when
You`re my soul sucker

Get out of my face
The past is running in place
The slivers cut me as you
Suck the soul right out of me

Soul sucker

You bite down deeper

Your tongue can cut a heart out
You`ve passed the point of return

The storm lightens
Get ready for the whiplash
Don`t think don`t speak
Don`t, my patience turns to violence

I`m just a solitary man who wants to live
A quiet life before when I cease to exist
I don`t need resistance for the things I can`t control
Just turn away and let it go

I don`t need this
I don`t need a reason
Some things just can`t be explained
The spine tingles

Enlightened intuition
Don`t blink, don`t breathe
You won`t like me when I`m angry

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