Papa Roach - Revenge In Japanese

Revenge In JapanesePapa Roach3:56

Текст песни Papa Roach - Revenge In Japanese

remember the girl
abused with forks, knives, and razor blades
she finally left him
she had enough of her man's rage
bandaids cover her scars
she left him bloodied
beat his ass with a bat
face sunk in like silly putty
y'all can sit back so I could study
destruction of the family design
and how the morals of society decline
essentially is beats to rhymes
like grapes to wine
it's alright we're in love
can't live with or without
see she can't live with him
and can't live without him
stress got her down
she need to deal with her problems
while the drama gets deeper
I puff on the reefer
she took the last step
and sent his ass to the reefer

chaos is what she saw in the mirror
scared of herself and the power that was in her
it took over and weighed heavily on her shoulders
militant insanity is now what controlled her
kill it before it reaches you
missiles won't it's approaching the mainland
what if it reaches the metropolitan areas
cosmopolitan areas
secure the lines prepare for departure
calm calm calm
it is big business
and seems to be advancing underground
because my style is underground
I'm green with my red eyes mad tint
flea flea flea
rapido rapido
she feed plentiful electrifying the nation
don't you see that we are in danger
how will we stop it she is attacking
running out of time

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