Papa Roach - Shut up N Die

Текст песни Papa Roach - Shut up N Die

Yo yo yo I feel right here

Slowly Im breaking down

Feeling weak

Im thinking about the

Higher ground I wish

To seek for the safeness

For the realness

Aw break it down

Simple for my people to hear this

For my people

Silent in the dark

I think Im nutty

With your swords of emotions

Slashing and leave me bloody

Now Im trippin

My problems turn to battles

Im up shit creek

And guess what with out a paddle

6 years of age

Is when I first got my rage

My father broke out

And then I turned a new page of my life

The change but then I was crazy

And thanks to my mom

Cuz she has stuck by

To raise me

I was fighting all the time

But with God help

Releasing all my tension

Through my knockin my hand

Im coming out

Im a freaked out cat

Coming out stony

And wet

Gonna be picking it up

For the boys who got slack in a band

Papa roach four fingers

Of a hand


Shut up n die

Shut up n die

I said you fucking die

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Papa Roach - Shut up N Die?

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