Papa Roach - Singlular Indestructible Droid

Singlular Indestructible DroidPapa Roach3:49

Текст песни Papa Roach - Singlular Indestructible Droid

Blood of my blood
Skin of my skin
A normal human being
Solder and wires
We're far from human beings

He's sick of his skin
It's time to trade it in
A galaxy of emotions
Your soul is what it costs
We walk the same path
No body could get in our way
We passionately never hesitate

Keep the soul
That's control
Now you put in the metal



Willing to make the change
Surrender the flesh and bones
Against the grain
Pushing beyond the limits of ourselves
This body is just a cage
You're dead and you're in a grave
We're losing our minds
That's just fine
Living forever

Bleed out my blood
Skin off my skin
Solder the wire
Take my body and
Release me from this cage
You can't put a spirit in a grave

Singular Indestructible Droid


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