Pearl Jam - Force Of Nature

Текст песни Pearl Jam - Force Of Nature

[Verse 1]
Understand She's a Force of Nature
Contraband hiding deep inside her soul
Exercising her will to lose control
She lets go
Common Man he don't stand a chance no
Wonderland pulling Alice in the hole
No way to save someone who won't take the rope
And just let's go
One Man Stands the edge of the ocean
A beacon on dry land
Eyes upon the horizon
In the dark before the dawn
Hurricane has the trade winds blowing
Gale force shaking windows in the storm
Shipwreck from a love that he calls home
One light on

[Chorus 1]
Somewhere there's a siren singing
A song only he hears
All the strengths you might think would

Disappear resolving

[Chorus 2]
One man stands alone awaiting for her to come home
Eyes upon the horizon
In the dark before the
Darkness leaves the dawn

[Verse 2]
Makes me ache
Makes me shake
Is it so wrong to think that
Love can keep us safe?
Last I saw he was out there waiting
A silhouette in the black light full moon glow
In the sand there he stands upon the shore

[Chorus 1]

[Chorus 2]

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