Pearl Jam - Parachutes

ParachutesPearl Jam3:39

Текст песни Pearl Jam - Parachutes

Why deny all the troubles when combined
With the missing light it don't feel like home now

That your gone all the trouble suddenly explained infinitum
You're always wishing and never here at home

You all the dreams we shared and
Lights we turned on
But the house is getting dark

And I don't want to know your plans
But together share the dawn
And I won't need nothing else
Cause when we're dead
We would've had it all

And I would've fallen from the sky to you
Parachutes have opened now

Heaven knows if there's a ceiling
Gone so low with the kneeling
Please know that

That I've got all the friends I need and
Before my light go out
As the doors are closing now

And far away will be my home
And the grass beside them blown
But I don't need
Further back and forth, a wave will break on me today

And love
Wish the world could glow again with love
One can't seem to have enough

And war
Break the sky and tell me what it's for
Travelling on my own

And love
What a different life
Had I not found this love with you

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