Phil Collins - Uptight [Everything's Alright]

Uptight [Everything's Alright]Phil Collins3:01

Текст песни Phil Collins - Uptight [Everything's Alright]

Baby, everything is all right, uptight, out of sight[X2]

[Verse 1]
I'm a poor man's son, from across the railroad tracks
The only shirt I own is hanging on my back
But I'm the envy of every single guy
Since I'm the apple of my girl's eye
When we go out stepping on the town for a while
My money's low and my suit's out of style
But it's all right if my clothes aren't new
Out of sight because my heart is true

She says baby everything is alright, uptight, out of sight
Baby, everything is alright, uptight, clean out of sight

[Verse 2]
She's a pearl of a girl, I guess that's what you might say
I guess her folks brought her up that way
The right side of the tracks, she was born and raised
In a great big old house, full of butlers and maids
She says no one is better than I
I know I'm just an average guy
No football hero or smooth Don Juan
Got empty pockets, you see I'm a poor man's son
She says give her the things that money can buy
But I'll never, never make my baby cry

[Chorus][Repeats until fade]

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