Pink - Disconnected


Текст песни Pink - Disconnected

(You have two messages)

(First message)

[Verse 1]
Turn up the thermostat
It is only 50 damn degrees
Everybody is so warm and I am so cold
Say now can you believe that?
She is got 17 tattoos
And she sings about the blues and she is suburban

Everybody is so obsessed with everybody else
I did not know that so and so broke up
I was busy paying bills
I do not always think I am right, but I know I am wrong

I am trying so hard to get through
I am trying so hard to hear you
There is so much static in the line
That I can barely hear the truth
Is it any wonder I am the fool?
Is it a surprise to be uncool?
It is no wonder, I am so disconnected

(Second message)

[Verse 2]
So tell me why you got to laugh?
I guess I must have missed the joke
The over-caffeinated bullshit is getting me tired
I guess you know just where it is at
You got to have the latest things
Keep your friends impressed another minute longer

I can only imagine how uncomfortable it is inside that skin
Having to stretch and mold to society
And trouble fitting in
Do you always think you are right but you know you are wrong?


[Verse 3]
(The person you are trying to reach, Alecia Moore
Has been temporarily disconnected)
(Please hang up and try again later)
(Unblock yourself if you wish to be connected)

[Chorus] [x2]

(It is no wonder, it is no wonder)

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