Pink - My Signature Move

Текст песни Pink - My Signature Move

[Verse 1]
I've got a way of making everything a confrontation
And you've got a way of bringing out the worst in me
You see, it's just if I'm bored
I'll find a way to make an accusation
I've got a problem with more
So give me, give me everything


Not my fault, not at all
I can't help you what you want
Get in line take a number
Get you when my song is over
If you leave it up to me I'll make a lie out of truth (it's true)
And then I'll break it up, make it bleed
Tell you that it's you not me
Make a scene, at a show just because the wind blows
Shoot myself in the foot to make a point I can't prove
To get it back to you
That's just my signature move

[Verse 2]

You call me crazy and I think it's mean, I just don't like it
I'm just a sensitive baby and you need to please me right
You know I said I would change
I did, I went and tried a different outfit
And if that's not enough you won't be riding dirty tonight



[Verse 3]
I start fight in my dreams I think I kick off the sheets
I don't apologize they wouldn't see it in my eyes
I'm not a good best friend
If there's a rule I will bend
That makes it trouble for you
It's all I know how to do
I'm not responsible STOP!
Ha-ha yup!


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