P.o.d. - the messenjah

Текст песни P.o.d. - the messenjah

I message
Written in rhyme
Teachers amongst the skeptics
And guiding the misdirected
Infected with their
Lies and their alibis
With their third eye blind
Out of line
They try to prophesy
I and I unfold
The mysteries told
From the futuristic realms
To the days of old
Make straight
Through the path of
The one voice calling
Truth shines
Back again two times
In the Second Coming
I am the Messenjah

This I pledge, and
I'll take it to my death
I'll lay my life
Down for you
And die over again
I and I, I'm not ashamed
Of the Most High
Even if I die tonight
If I die tonight

This I pledge, and
I'll take it to my death
You can bet your life
On my words and
Everything I said
You can't take
Away my love
For this sacrifice
Even if I die tonight
If I die tonight

True king descendant
Master to the apprentice
Pleased to release and
Reveal in me His presence
Forever blessed
I believe if Jah said it
The word of life
Came alive in the scriptures
I read it
All hail, we prevail
The Tribes of Israel
Flow through ya
We pursue the conquering lion
Of the Tribe of Judah
Don't let 'em fool ya
Before this
The foolish get rushed
So don't slop
You never knew us

Repeat bridge
Repeat chorus

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