Powerman 5000 - My Tongue Is My Life

My Tongue Is My LifePowerman 50001:30

Текст песни Powerman 5000 - My Tongue Is My Life

It ain't where ya from
It ain't where ya at
It's what you do
And what you gotta do
With the fact of the matter
My tongue is my life
So carry yourself
I see ya scatter
Lying deaths head
Right out on the bed
You twist and turn to learn
That this may never end

Try to find a profit
Your wondering why your not it
Actions speak louder that words
Blowin up top
Drop to your knees
You got a minute to pray
A second to die
(?) yourself
And you(?) the lie
Ask yourself when you ask yourself
You look yourself in the eye


Your like land of the lost
At what cost
Can you deal with it
I suggest you get real with it
Look yourself in the eye yeah
Is it bloodshot
Do you believe in what your taught
Are you not
Are you not
Afraid to look deeper
Don't fear the reaper
Wake up wake up wake up
Are you asleep
Shit talker
I know your feeling deep
Cuz your feeling like darker
Than me
I see clearly
(?) to me cuz i don't want you near me
And i see right through ya
And this is gonna do ya

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