Prince - Act Of God

Текст песни Prince - Act Of God

[Verse 1]
Dirty fat banker sold a house today
Sold in auction wants the family out the way
Kick them on the street, cause he couldn't pay the tax
Call it an act of God
I Get a million dollars people hear me sang
Got to give the banker half of everything
Didn't the founding fathers holler about the same thing
(Yes They Did)
Call it an act of God

But I got news for you
Freedom ain't free
They lock you in a cell if you try to be
But the worlds would say no, make history
Call it an act of God
(Act Of God)

[Verse 2]
Tax dollars build a plane drop a bomb
Supposedly to keep us all safe from Saddam
Bringing bad news to another woman
Call it an Act of God


[Verse 3]
Funny how nobody's holy books are the same
Everybody's God got a different name
The day that it's over is the end of the game
And they call it an act of God
Hey, it will be all over when the people are fee
Free to be who and what they want to be
Wherever we go it's up to you and me
Call it an act of God
We so tired said we through with fear
There never was no hell or boogie man here
If he was seen look he was in your mirror
Call it an act of God

Call it what you want except an act of God [x3]
Call it an act of God
Oh Lord
Call it what you you want except an act of God [x5]

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