Prince - Anna Stesia

Текст песни Prince - Anna Stesia

Have u ever been so lonely
That u felt like u were the
Only one in this world?

Have u ever wanted 2 play
With someone so much u'd take
Any one boy or girl?

Anna stesia come 2 me
Talk 2 me, ravish me
Liberate my mind
Tell me what u think of me
Praise me, craze me
Out this space and time

Between white and black, night and day
Black night seemed like the only way...
So i danced

Music late, nothing great (music late, nothing great)
No way 2 differentiate (no way 2 differentiate)
I took a chance

Gregory looks just like a ghost
And then a beautiful girl the most
Wets her lips 2 say

"we could live 4 a little while
If u could just learn 2 smile
U and i could fly away, fly away."


Maybe, maybe, maybe i could learn 2 love
I mean the right way, i mean the only way
Perhaps u could show me, baby (show me, baby)

Anna stesia come 2 me
Talk 2 me, ravish me
Liberate my mind

Maybe, maybe, maybe i could learn 2 love
If i was just closer 2 somethin' (closer)
Closer 2 your higher self
I don't know
Closer 2 heaven (maybe) closer 2 god (closer to god)

Save me jesus, i've been a fool
How could i forget that u are the rule
U are my god, i am your child
From now on, 4 u i shall be wild
I shall be quick i shall be strong
I'll tell your story, no matter how long (no matter how... no matter)

We're just a play in your master plan
Now, my lord i understand

(i understand)

Love is god, god is love
Girls and boys love god above
{{repeated over chorus}}

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