Prince - Baby Knows

Текст песни Prince - Baby Knows

{co-lead vocal by sheryl crow}
Baby knows
Baby knows
Baby knows, huh
Baby knows

(baby knows) - this funky joint in the city
(baby knows) - where the freaks come out 2 play
(baby knows) - venezuelan, black and pretty
(baby knows) - the kind that make u wanna pay, yeah

(baby knows) - she got the long dark legs
(baby knows) - she got the butt that go round
(baby knows) - this kind of poochie make u beg
(baby knows) - turn a dog into a hound

(baby knows) - she tell me what i wanna hear
(baby knows) - she stroke me up and never down
(baby knows) - whispering sexiness in my ear
(baby knows) - i'm just a junkie 4 the sound

(baby knows) - she make u call your boys
(baby knows) - in a pow-wow 2 scope a plan
(baby knows) - how 2 ditch her man in a trunk of a lexus
A perplexing hex this witch has flexed


Oh, baby - oh, baby

(baby knows) - she knows how 2 make u feel
(baby knows) - like your stuff ain't brown tonite
(baby knows) - and her perfume... it smells like the weekend

(baby knows) - this funky joint way down in the city
(baby knows) - where the girls sing along 2 the hip-hop all nite long
(baby knows) - white girls, black girls, latinas - oh so pretty
(baby knows) - won't make me give u this ring, baby
Oh, oh, oh


Ough, ough
Yeah (baby, baby)
Baby knows
Yeah-yeah (baby, baby)
Baby knows

She got the long dark legs - (baby knows)
She got the butt that go round (round and round)
This kind of poochie make u beg - (baby knows)

Give me your number and i call u
No, u do just turn me down

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