Prince - Bob George

Текст песни Prince - Bob George

Let me see ya dance

New coat, huh?
That's nice
Did u buy it?
Yeah, right
U seeing that rich motherfucker again
U know who i'm talking about
That slicked back paddy with all the gold in his mouth
Don't try to play me 4 yesterday's fool
Cuz i'll slap your ass into the middle of next week
I'm sorry baby, that's the rules

I pay the rent in this raggedy motherfucker
And all u do is suck up food and heat
Say what? oh yeah?
4 someone who can't stand them t.v. dinners
U sure eat enought of them motherfuckers
Who bought u that diamond ring?
Yeah, right.
Since when did u have a job?
U seeing that rich motherfucker again
What's his name? bob?
Bob, ain't that a bitch?
What's he do for a living?
Manage rock stars?
Ain't that a bitch?
That skinny motherfucker with the high voice?
Please, who do i look like baby?
Yesterday's fool?
Don't u know i will kill u now?
U're fuckin' right.
I gotta gun
U think i don't?
Then what's this?
Oh, u quiet now
Uh uh!
Little? yeah, right. it might be little but it's loud

Yeah, right.
Uh uh!

Now put that suitcase down

And go in there
And put on that wig i bought u
No, no
No, no
The reddish-brown one
Bob, ain't that a bitch?
Got ya

Hey bob, if u're out there, let me see u dance
U said u was funky
C'mon, c'mon

Ain't that a bitch?

(come out with your hands up)
I'll kick your ass (this is your last warning)
Think i won't? (oh no! the nigger's got a laser)
(let's get the hell out of here)

Is mr. george home?
Hello, mr. george? {note: the high pitched voice}
This is your conscience, motherfucker {that responds to his call, when}
Why don't u leave motherfuckers alone? {slowed down to about 2 rpm,says}
What's wrong with u? {"operator, what city please?"}
Well, why can't we just dance?
Why can't we just dance?
No, fuck that, fuck that
I don't talk about u, i don't talk about u
Wit' yo' little almond-shaped head ass
Who the fuck do u think this is?
I'll kick your ass... twice

Bob, if u're out there
Let me see u dance
U said u were funky, c'mon

B-o-b, spell the shit backwards, what'd it say
Same motherfuckin' shit

Turn it out

Bob, ain't that a bitch?

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