Prince - Cherry, Cherry

Текст песни Prince - Cherry, Cherry

Cherry, cherry
Rozanda was her real name
But cherry was her chosen one
Everybody said that she'd soon be dead
But cherry replied "at least i had some fun" (oh yes)

Her eyes were like a pool of 24 karat diamonds
I was the last in a long line of foolish men who dived in

Cherry, cherry
I think about u every rising sun
Whoa cherry, cherry
Wherever u are, i hope u're havin' fun (oh yes)

Tuesday was my big game
North vs. central in basketball
Underneath their long coats
Cherry and the girls wore camisoles
Every time north would run the hoop
Cherry would flash 'em and they would fall
But not as hard as i fell
When cherry gave me her number and told me 2 call (u should call me)

Using all the money her boyfriend wilbur gave her, she'd buy
Anything i wanted, that's why my baby's so fly


(do do do do do)
Me and cherry got married
And tried our best 2 keep it on the down low, the down low

I was combing her hair
The day that wilbur called and cussed her on the phone
He beat her up real bad and figured i was gonna leave her
Instead i bought a 45 and set out 2 relieve her (take him out)
If he was taken out then he could never harm another
No sooner than i got there, i was met by cherry's mother cryin'

Cherry, cherry
Every night i ask the lord why? oh why?
Cherry, cherry
Another victim of a suicide (why oh why?)

Cherry, cherry
I think about u every rising sun
Whoa cherry, cherry
Wherever u are, i hope u're havin' fun
I hope u're having fun, baby

Cherry, cherry
I'd give anything 2 kiss u
Cherry, cherry
I guess i just miss u

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