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Welcome. U have just accessed the
Akashic Records Genetic Information Division.
This program is required 4 those wishing
2 obtain a marriage blessing from The Kingdom.
When u wish 2 begin this program,
place ur right hand on the scannerand tightly clench up
ur buttcheeks as u might feel aslight electrical shock.
Please select the race history u desire.
U haveselected African-American.
This is your history:
First of all, the term "black and white" is a fallacy.
It simply is anotherway of saying "this or that".
Let's examine the term "this or that" in its ultimate form which is -
"this" means the truth or "that" which is resistant 2it.
When a minority realizes its similarities on a higher level -
not just "black"- but PEOPLE OF COLOR,
and higher still "INDIGENOUS", and even higher still,
"FROM THE TRIBE OF...", and yet higher -
Whenthis understanding comes, the so-called minority
becomes a majority in the wink of an eye.
This action will cause a Reaction or Resistance.
The source of this Resistance must b banished
as it is in direct conflict with theinitial action.
It cannot be assimilated, 4 its very nature is resistance.
U r either "this" or "that" which is not "this".

End of part one. 2 continue, select the program Family Name
and type in the current government name u wish history on.

(London, England sometime in the early 1600s)

"We have the God-given right 2 run out of our colonies
anyone who does notbow down 2 our law. Hear, hear?"

"Come on, come on keep it moving here.
What's your name boy?"
"Abu Cah"
"Well it ain't now; it's Tom Lynch."

Mirror, mirror what u see?
Have I still got those dark clouds over me?
Or am I really feeling what I feel?
The last days of the Devil's Deal
Mirror, what u see?

Devil, devil what u know?
U been here since 1914, but now u got 2 go

U been hidin' behind corporate eyes
U wanna war, but u can't fight
Devil, u got 2 go

U might say, "what u mad about?"
But u still got ur Family Name
Pleased 2 meet u, Mr. Rosenbloom
I'll b John Blackwell just the same
What's ur Family Name?

Teacher, teacher what u say?
Did we really come over in a boat?
Did it really go down that way?
Or did I arrive b4 and ruin Thanksgiving Day?
Teacher, what u say?

Preacher, preacher is it true?
That Jesus wants me 2 give my money 2 the likes of u?
Ride around in ur Lexus Coupe
Drive us 2 the cleaners in a pinstripe suit
Preacher, that ain't truth!

U might say, "what u mad about?
But u still got ur Family Name
Pleased 2 meet u, Mr. Pearlman
U can call me Clay... can I play?

People, people what's ur name?
Maybe we should start all over
Let everybody get in the game
Put up a one-gloved fist
Make a sound, Violet Brown

U might say "what u mad about?"
But u still got ur Family name
Pleased 2 meet u Mr. Goldstruck.

We found this tape in the Akashic records.
This is Thomas Jefferson:

"My fellow Americans, if there is a just God,
we're gonna pay 4 this!"

"Black men and white men, Jews and Gentiles,
Protestants and Catholics will b able 2 join hands
in the words of the old Negro spiritual:
"free at last, free at last,
thank God almighty we are free at last!

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