Prince - Fascination

Текст песни Prince - Fascination

I want u
I want u, i do
Fascination chamber lands on the round that kills
The art u hoped 2 mirror like
Leaves blood upon the sill
The dream u keep dreaming, is better than the life u lead
The papers run out a day and 13 hours, b4 the weed, it's so high

Still i want u
Still i want u, i do

The head u thought was rolling, is now reason 2 b bored
The rapper that gave that head will thank his manager b4 the lord
And the headache that u moan about feels much better than the treatment would
The pills gonna leave a side effect
That'll take another pill 2 correct
And the whole thing is leaving u feeling less than good
And u still high



Do u mind if i just watch u shake it
Shake it {4x}

I want u
I want u, i do

The most vital thing u thought
Is the epitome of doom
U can wake-up in cold sweat
Cause 1 of them is in u're room
Singin on the tele
Making more bucks than sense
So called king gives birth 2 so called ... prince

A breakup's bitter taste
Still here when the love is gone
And the breaks u wish 4
Finally comes among in song
Working it out
Work, work, work, working it out

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