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Текст песни Prince - Feel Good, Feel Better, Feel Wonderful

[Verse 1]
I could tell by the color of your
Orange field
You thought this game was over
Chemical peel
You tried to do me like my good brother Steve
But eye got another funky
Trick up my sleeve
Expecting me to freak on you a little bit more
But you get nothing but well-wishes
And amp flowers galore
I mean no harm
I still got your back
You can come and drink my wine
As a matter of fact

Just feel better, feel good, feel wonderful

[Verse 2]
I don't know what you thought
When you spit in my face
But this dimension ain't the time
Or the place
I don't know who told you u could
Stand next to me
Because eye got a guitar that could
Part the sea
Don't mean no disrespect
I ain't trying to brag

But that might be the same one that
Tapped on the crag
And brought 4th the water
That quenched your thirst
And we'll keep feeding you
But first things first!


[Verse 3]
If you think about how much time it took
For you to try to get a page in my book
I feel so good right now
I just can't recall
What the __ eye was thinking when eye
Threw you the ball
It hit tree bystanders after you touched it
Now they want to sue me but they love me to much
Because they know eye wish them heaven and all of its gold
Same to you, come on let's groove
To the purple rock and roll


Better than good, better than good
U know you should feel wonderful
Keep your mind in the vertical motion
Always looking up

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