Prince - Funky Music

Текст песни Prince - Funky Music

(i like funky music)
(i like funky music)
(i like funky music)
(i like funky music)

Everybody get on the floor
We got the groove u feel in your soul
When u're good 'n' funky, u can say u know
Dance 2 the funky music, come on


If u ain't got no partner u can use your hair
Shake it like a hooker, baby, i don't care
Whatever u do, u got 2 make the people stare
Dance 2 the funky music, yeah


This beat i got is specially designed (specially designed)
2 make u lose your phone number 2 somebody fine
The nastier u get, the funkier we got
My claim 2 fame is scandal, baby, and i ain't here 2 stop (ow!)

(i like funky music)
(i like funky music)

I didn't come 2 trample on what u think is cool
I just wanna hip u 2 a brand new groove
If u like your funky mellow, this ain't 4 u
Dance 2 the funky music, shoo-bed-ooh!

Yeah (chorus)
Uh-huh (uh!)
Uh, uh, uh-huh
Uh, uh-huh
Uh, uh, uh-huh

Yo, the time has come once again 2 send
A dance groove that won't end
Don't pretend that your feet is tired
And grab my hand girlfriend
And move it, baby, move it
I know u can do it
Move it, baby, move it
I know u can do it, come on
I said come on

{repeat chorus in bg till end}

Now let me tell u somethin'
Huh, lookin' so good on the floor
Make me wanna get 2 know u better
And dancin' all up next 2 u
Is a feeling i can feel 4ever
Being 2gether and doing what's clever
And been so hard 2 stop it, uh
I know no one could top it
Huh, yeah
This groove is funky
Huh, yeah
Yo n.p.g. ?c drop it!

Huh, say what?
Huh, huh, say what?
Say, say what? uh, uh, uh
Say, say, say what? huh, uh, uh, uh

Yo, enough respect goes 2 the artist and the n.p.g. crew
And the whole new york and uptown
And across the country massive
Big up yourselves cuz it's comin' at cha loud

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