Prince - Future Soul Song

Текст песни Prince - Future Soul Song

[Verse 1]
I had a dream last night
That I was flying for the first time
And in the dream I could pilot my flight
With the thoughts in my mind
Since there wasn't any up or down
Everybody was all around
When we sang, we all sang together
Oh, what a beautiful sound

[Chorus] [x2]
Ooh, ooh, sha la la la la
This is the future soul song

[Verse 2]
I had a dream last night
That I was singing and the sound of my voice
Seemed to come from every mountain top
Like it had no choice

And when my voice rose, so did the sun
When the trees sang the harmony as one
Every living soul sang the most beautiful
Melody ever sung

[Chorus] [x2]

[Verse 3]
Before the war the only words and language said
Let there be light
Those that can see it are the ones who believe it
And put up no fight
And in the absence of fear and control
Is the sound of the surrendering soul
Louder than the dogmatic persecution
I sing it like you got that right

[Chorus] [x4]

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